Welcome to RC model flight saurian, the Pterodactylus!

Here you can get information about the construction of a wonderful model aircraft with an incredibly fantastic and majestic flight image.
When I flew this unique model aircraft for the first time at various airshows in 2017, the attention of the spectators was so high and all you could hear in the background was "ahhh" and "ohhhh".

The construction of this model should already have experience and patience. At the beginning of the building phase I had thrown in the towel 3 times, because there were no descriptions or literature to build this model.

Only after a very long time I found a Threed from 2005 [http://www.rc-network.de/forum/showthread.php/159274-Pterodactylus-(2-03-m-von-Marston)] in the RC network, which encouraged me to continue building. In addition there were more Literature and Threeds from an American RC network, [https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?492408-Marston-Pterodactyl] unfortunately only in English!

But sometimes pictures usually say more than thousand words. So I continued with the construction. After about 6 months of building I came to the final, started with the finish and created my own version of the pterosaur. But to be honest I thought: Never again to make such an effort!

Then it was time for the first flight. Everyone knows how your knees shake and your mouth gets all dry. Because, I did not know if it flies, how it flies, or if it is lying in front of me, devastated.

So I packed everything into my car and drove to the model airfield. Some colleagues were there and marvelled at what I got out of my car. The puzzling below the model airplanes began and, well, as it is always like that!

I screwed the wings onto the fuselage after I had already connected the full battery (structurally it works differently), made a check if all the rudders were working and also found a brave one who started the original bird out of my hand.

With half throttle running engines, the fellow pilot threw the pterosaur out of his hand very well. Then the moment came! The thing flies.

Pterodactylus_2080mm   Pterodactylus_2080mm
I gave full throttle and pulled the elevator stick to gain height. Three point ailerons trim, trim the elevator - it flew so brilliantly that I couldn't get out of the grin. Everyone who was present at the model airfield was just amazed.
The landing was very simple: approach as usual, flaps set - and the thing lowered itself like an elevator, gliding down the grass runway. I was so happy and proud that after throwing in the towel 3 times I finished the project and was able to enjoy this moment. Pterodactylus_2080mm

After some time and with more beautiful flights I was again a guest at a friendly model flying club in the Opf. There flown and afterwards sitting on the veranda came statements, "the thing has a great flight picture" and then in conversation the suggestion: "Bigger would be even better" - So although I had said to myself: "Once and never again", I decided to enlarge my CNC plan by 1:1.5 times. This is how my second pterosaur, with a wingspan of 118.54 inch, was created and I have never regretted it until today. The assembly was done in a very short time!

A wonderful, short flight video from the bird's eye view during take-off at the IMS Bad Neustadt in October 2019. camera: klonk FPV
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